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Welcome to ishigamaya.com!

Let me introduce "ishigamaya" to foreign guests visiting Izu/Shimoda. "Ishigama" in Japanese literally means "stone oven," used to bake the PIZZA. Please look at the photos on my website to get an image of the place.

Thank you for visiting the ishigamaya website. Welcome to Japan from across the sea. If you have a chance to travel to Izu/Shimoda, a Japanese resort surrounded by natural beauty, PLEASE pay a visit to ishigamaya.

Ishigamaya is a Japanese pizzeria that specializes in PIZZA. Ishigamaya uses firewood cut from the mountains and a hand-made stone oven to bake the PIZZA.

The menu includes about 15 types of PIZZA, based on vegetables, meat or seafood. The PIZZA is baked one by one, after receiveing orders. You can choose from either a Crispy-type or Napoli-type (thicker and softer) crust.

Regular size is 22-25 centimeters. Please order one day ahead for Special-size PIZZA (about 35 centimeters). The price is between \600 and \1,500 for Regular-size PIZZA, and \3,000 for Special-size PIZZA.

There are also side-menus, such as home-made sausages, salt-broiled giant prawn, baked rice on sticks, and more. A variety of soft drinks and alcohol are also available. You can order PIZZA to go (takeout). But sorry, no delivery service.

The menu is available in English (the owner speaks a little bit of English. Please speak slowly, though).

Try a piping hot plate of ishigamaya's Japanese-style PIZZA. And please enjoy Shimoda, the surrounding Minami (southern) Izu region, and the entire Izu Peninsula! I look forward to seeing you at ishigamaya.

If you have any questions, please feel free to E-mail (info@ishigamaya.com) or call. Thank you very much!

☆For a MAP, please click on the 1st item under "Information."

- On foot: about 40 minutes.
- By car or taxi: about 5 minutes.
- By bus: please get on the IZU-SHIMODA BUS for "SHIMO-GAMO/TAKENOKO-MURA" and get off at the "TERAGUCHI TEIRYUJO" bus stop: about 10 minutes.

☆For business days snd hours, please click on the 2nd item under "Information." Ishigamaya is closed on days marked with a "Heart".